Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My new calling.....

So after 2 years in the primary presidency I was realeased Sunday. :( I will greatly miss seeing those smiling and not so smiling faces each week. It is going to be a big adjustment for me as I was called to work with the young women. I am very excited for my new calling and know that I will love these girls just as much as I do the primary kids. I am a little intimidated, I have never worked with the youth before. I have been in primary since I was 19. I teach Sunday and am actually looking forward to getting it over with. For me the first couple times of doing something new is the hardest. So feel free to say a prayer for me, I'm sure I will need them. :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Here it is!

A wonderfully inspiring video!

I love this video, everytime I watch it it brings tears to my eyes. I hope it inspires you to rise to your full potential. I hope you enjoy it!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


What a crazy day. It's only half over and I am exhausted. We had a fun easter egg hunt at Aunt Elyse and Uncle Mike's house. The kids had a blast hunting for eggs and then of course eating way too much candy. (thanks Elyse:)) Then we had softball at 2 for Charity, oh and Russell had a meeting at church, also at 2 until 5:30. So I'm flying solo. O.k. back to softball practice. I got lost on the way, made my poor daughter 25 minutes late. :( Felt bad about that, I hate making my kids late to stuff. Then I am standing there watching Charity practice and Peter decides to dirty his diaper. Of course I bring him to the car right away to change him because he has been pooping through everything lately and guess what???? He pooped through anyways!!! My extra outfit for him isn't in the bag so I decide to run home to change him and this is where the real fun begins. My car won't start!!!! :( I did good--I didn't get mad. I actually stayed calm. I called my husband to tell him what was going on, my mom to catch a ride, and my poor, sweet brother to tell him we'll need some work done on the car. (Gotta love Derek's talents) So I am finally home feeding the baby and "chillaxin" for a minute before things get crazy again. I have to say it could be worse so I am grateful to be me. :) Even if it's a crazy life it's mine and I love it. On a side note I am especially grateful for my awesome family members that bail me out when I need it most. Love you guys!!