Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I will craft again. OK, I guess that statement is a little bit of a lie. I have helped my mom make cute little purses for church and I have made a couple pair of overalls to list on etsy. But what I meant was crafting for fun!!!! Anyways, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. I have just been working with my hubby. Thought we could save a little money if I helped out. It has been an exhausting week and a half. I'll be done helping him at the end of this week and things will get back to normal. I am grateful to be able to help him and will be even more grateful when I am done!! :)

By the way Charity made the play!!! and so did my sister Hope. It is going to be awesome. If you want more info go to www.trilogyculturalarts.com if you decide you want to buy tickets let me know so we can get credit for them.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My refinished end table

OK so here it is. I actually ended up redoing my redo because I wasn't happy with my results. But I really like it and am happy with the results. I sanded the top part down to the wood and then primed it ~(shouldn't have done that~didn't need to)~ It made it very hard to sand the edges off and get the wood to show through; instead I was getting white primer. Then I painted it black and knocked all the edges with the sander and stained it. Here are the before and after.
Here is a close up to show you all the scratches and nastiness.

Here is the whole thing.

Here it is with the top redone without the drawer.

And here it is where it now resides. I am going to put a pull on the
drawer just haven't decided what kind.

Peter's 1st Birthday

I can't believe that it has been a year since this little guy has joined our family. We love him so much and are excited for another year to watch him grow and explore. Happy Birthday Peter we love you!!

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The hubby is gone~so time to get the crafting on!!

Russell is out plowing again!!! :) (it's a good thing) But it means I am home with the kids. So tonight they are being plopped in front of the t.v. to watch a movie and I am gonna revamp an end table that I bought at Savers (salvation army type store) yesterday for $8.61. I am actually excited to do this. We have been needing an end table for quite some time and I thought this one would be perfect because 1~it looked sturdy and 2~it's solid wood. So I will take some before and after pics and post later. Wish me luck.

Christian's Birthday

Christian is 8. I can hardly believe how fast the years have flown by. This age is a big milestone for him~he gets to be baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He had a wonderful birthday and a spiritual baptism day. It is fun to see how he has grown and matured in his testimony of the Gospel. I love my serious, sweet, goofy Christian!!
Christian with his birthday cake, which happened to be a chocolate oreo cheesecake, per his request. That boy looooooves cheesecake. He doesn't get that from me~definitely from his Mimi and dad.

The family after Christian was baptized.

This is all the family that was at Christian's baptism.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Theme for 2010

I have been tossing around the idea of having a family theme for the year. In our church the Youth program always has a theme for the year and I love that it gives you focus. So I was thinking and thinking (and getting inspiration from other bloggers).....and here is what I think I would like our family theme to be:
Come what may and love it.
Elder Jospeh B. Wirthlin
I love this sentiment and with how hard our past year has been I thought it would be perfect for our family. Now I just need to post it in a few places in our home to remind us. I feel some vinyl coming on.:)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My favorite Christmas decoration

I just had to post a picture of my absolute favorite Christmas decoration. It is the custom stockings that I made for our family 3 years ago. I absolutely love them (I hope that doesn't sound conceited since I made them). Each stocking has a different nativity stitched onto it. Also this is how I hung my Christmas cards this year.
Also this is how I hung our Christmas cards this year...clothespins and ribbon. We don't normally keep fruit in our greenery but this picture was taken after Christmas and Santa always leaves fruit for us.

Austin is 14

My oldest son turned 14 this past December. I can hardly believe he is 14. For some reason this just seems way bigger than when he turned 13. Maybe it is the fact that he is starting to pass me up in height and is starting to look like a man. It is just crazy and a little sad. Austin is such a sweet young man. He does have a sarcastic streak in him, but he never intends to hurt anyone; he's just trying to be funny. I love him lots and can't believe 14 years have already flown by. It hit me the other day that he only has a few years left with us at home. :( I hope they don't go by to fast. Here are some pics of my sweet teenager.
I know his cake looks a little funny. He wanted an icecream cake with YuGiOh cards on it; doesn't really let me go crazy with my cake decorating; but he liked it.


Let me start off by saying Happy New Year!!! I am seriously behind on blogging. We've had two birthdays, a baptism, and Christmas and I haven't blogged about any of it. So hopefully I will be doing multiple posts over the next few days. I also have some exciting plans for crafting this year. I am going to be doing a different Christmas craft/organization thing each month so that I will be completely prepared next year and hopefully alleviate any stress the holidays can cause!! Not to say this year was bad, I just didn't get to do all the things that I wanted.

OK so this is going to be my first catch up....we had a beautiful white Christmas. Which means since it snowed and snowed and snowed I lost my hubby for a few days while he plowed and slept. But we made the best of it and still had a good time. We did our traditional fondue and gift exchange on Christmas eve and spent Christmas day at my in laws where we had a delicious lunch/dinner. We all had a great time!
My little girls in their new nightgowns!! Aren't they cute!! (I know it looks like Noel is trying to lift Gracie's nightie!!)
Here is my whole crew in their new pjs.
Christmas Eve with my siblings (well those that were in town) this is just a pic of all the girls plus Jason.
A pic of the sisters. I don't know why Sam isn't in the picture. She's almost as good as me at sneaking away. :)
All us adult girls.....well I guess we can't call Hope an adult yet.
There you have it.