Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Not feeling so hot

So, I am missing another week of Tuesday Tutorial. I have not been feeling well today. Either I have the stomach flu or just pregnancy making me feel yucky. Hopefully, tomorrow will bring a better day. If so, maybe I will be able to post a tutorial tomorrow, we will have to wait and see. Good Night!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dresses, dresses, dresses!!

2 down, 1 to go!! Actually, I still have to put buttons on the dresses but, that will take no time at all. Then I will start on the ties. I will post pics of everything when I am done.

????Also, does anyone know how do I respond to people when they make a comment on my blog???? I usually just answer under them but, I don't think they would get that unless they came back to my blog and happened to look at the comments. Thanks!! :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This is what happens when...

My sweet little 2 year old can climb out of his crib (heavy sarcasm)! This little boy has been such a stinker lately. Him climbing out of his crib at bedtime is just icing on the cake! So, this is what we have stooped to doing to keep our kiddo in his room! It looks like a jail cell!

He was just climbing out of his crib at nap time which wasn't as big of a deal but now he is doing it at bedtime and we just can't have that. He is totally trashing Christian and his bedroom. Poor Christian likes to keep his room clean and I feel bad for him!!

Anyone out there have any ideas because I am fresh out!! I have no clue what to do w/ this little stinker!We sure do love this little guy anyways!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial: Boy's Tie

This is not an original tutorial from me. I am just going to give you the link. I actually haven't had time to make the tie yet as I am working on 3 dresses for Easter this week. I almost have one finished!! :) Then I am going to make my two younger boys matching ties w/ this tutorial. I plan on making my boy's ties out of blue gingham and yellow gingham. That is what my two little girls's dresses are made from. They chose the colors themselves. So we will see how they turn out.

Monday, April 18, 2011

The beach!

Part 3 of our Vacation

We finally got to the beach! The kids were excited and apprehensive. I told them about jellyfish and that kinda freaked them out. Of course, they were already scared they were gonna see a shark. We kept telling them sharks don't usually come close to the shore but, they were nervous anyways.

My beautiful sis. posing for me!

Christian wanted to be buried in the sand. All I could think was how the heck was I going to get all that sand out of his hair! Then Noel thought it would be fun. She didn't last as long as Christian though.All Grace wanted to do was build a sandcastle. She had bought a bucket back in Kansas and brought it all the way to California just to do make her castle. So that was the first thing she did when we got to the beach.

And here is Grace w/ her masterpiece. Might be small but, she was sure proud of it. Austin and Hope not sure if they want to go in or not. The water was freezing!!

Christian was a little daredevil. He really enjoyed "jumping" the waves.

We really enjoyed visiting the beach. I think my kids have all decided the beach is a pretty fun place to play! Charity told me she would have rather spent another day at the beach than going to Legoland!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

24.5 weeks

The Conference Center in Utah

Our Vacation Part 2

We were lucky enough to take a tour of the Conference Center the Thursday before General Conference. It was pretty amazing. The building is beautiful and the roof is just crazy!! It is completely landscaped w/ benches and water features you totally forget you are on a rooftop.

This is what you saw when you looked up above the water feature, it was gorgeous.

While we were in the actual area where conference takes place one of the organists was practicing for conference. It was pretty cool...I would say the only negative thing was the song he was practicing "High On a Mountaintop" was stuck in my head for the rest of the trip. Of course everyone was kind enough to keep singing bars of it just in case I would forget! Sweet of them, huh??!

Peter thought he was so sneaky. He laid himself on the ground then inched himself under the rope that was supposed to be there to keep us from going further. Of course that was no deterrent for him, he then proceeded to run back forth in the chairs until I was finally able to catch him. The lady giving our tour didn't have a very good sense of humor I think she was maybe a little annoyed w/ us. Oh well!

I have to say this was one of my favorite parts of the trip. It was our first time to actually attend General Conference and it was amazing to be in the same room w/ our Prophet and Apostles and of course the Mormon Tabernacle was awesome!

Friday, April 15, 2011

23 1/2 weeks

I like this shirt but, man it is amazing how you see something in a picture and decide that it makes you look huge. Maybe everything would make me look huge right now! That's OK it's a small price to pay for such a huge blessing. I am really excited for this baby, he has really become more active over the past few weeks. It so amazing to me to feel the baby move around, it is just so miraculous! :)

22 1/2 Weeks

Not the greatest pic of my belly but, I am seriously ok w/ that!!

We are back!!


Actually we have been back since Monday but, I have been wiped out!! We were trapped in the car for 13 hours on I-40 and that turned our trip home into a 48 hour car trip, woohoo!! So to say the least I was crabby, tired, and swollen. Everything is under control now. I am still tired but no longer puffy. Thank goodness I HATE the feeling of swollen feet. So, I thought I would post a few pics from the beginning of our trip. We went to Utah for the first leg and stayed at a hotel with an itty bitty pool but, the kids enjoyed it anyways.

My kids are daredevils. I hate arm floaties but, Peter practically drowns when he wears a life jacket and as you can see above he has no fear. He did this a couple times w/out his floaties on and didn't even cry!! He scares the heck out of me around water!

Yeah I know seriously ridiculous. We had way too many laptops w/ us. Our room was tiny but, we still fit all 10 of us in there.

Of course, Peter had to take a dryerase marker to the wall!

I plan on posting a Tuesday Tutorial next week for anyone who is interested!!