Sunday, November 23, 2014

Charity's Birthday (August 22)

Charity turns 15!
15 things about our lovely Charity!
1.  She has a fabulous singing voice...that she likes to not share!
2.  She is really into politics.
3.  She loves to read.
4.  She loves music.
5.  She plays the piano
6.  and the organ at church!
7.  She has gorgeous, thick brown hair.
8.  She enjoys a good argument!
9.  She is an amazing big sister...and a fabulous babysitter.
10.  She loves SIMS.
11.  She is very aware of those around her, which makes her very sensitive to the needs of those around her.  She is really good at making sure people aren't being left out.
12.  She loves a youtube show called Good Mythical is really funny!
13.  She loves Studio C
14.  She love learning.
15.  She is really close with her younger brother Christian!
We are blessed to have this amazing daughter...we love her tons!

Tyler's 3rd Birthday (August 2)

3 things about Tyler
1.  He has a fabulous smile!
2.  He is a very picky eater.
3.  He is a very loving big brother!!
Tyler is a sweet yet ornery little boy...he keeps us on our toes!
We sure love having him in our family!

Grace's 10th Birthday (August 1)

10 things about Grace...
1.   Grace is super creative!
2.  Grace is a fabulous big sister
3.  She has a beautiful singing voice
4.  She is sensitive.
5.  She loooooves to wear leggings!!!
6.  She loves animals, especially cats.
7.  She loves the outdoors.
8.  She is a tomboy.
9.  She love stuffed animals.
10.  Grace loves to ride anything with, skateboard, ripstik and now her new flikr carver!

We love having this sweet girl in our home, she adds excitement and has taught this mom a lot about patience! She truly is a joy and I am so grateful to be her mom!!