Sunday, January 30, 2011

Funny kiddo!

So we were all sitting around talking about this massive storm that is headed towards us and my 9yo pipes up and says "but I thought the beaver saw jack frost so winter is shorter!" It was seriously one of the funniest things he has said. The funny thing was is we told him it was the groundhog who saw his shadow and he continued to argue; he conceded that it was a groundhog but that it was jack frost that he saw. Kids are just too funny!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Seriously I am done!

This is how I feel about my braces today. I cannot believe I am pregnant and dealing with the pain of braces. 2 months down 16 to go!! BLEH! I am trying to visualize straight teeth, but man it sucks feeling sick to my stomach and having my teeth achy. I really think I must have been crazy to decide to do this again. Braces once is seriously enough. Alright I'm done just needed to complain. Ask me in 16 months if it was worth it.

On a side note I am starting a craft group that will meet monthly and anyone who wants to join is welcome. Just let me know.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Exciting day!

I am excited to get to go to the Dr. today and hear my baby's heartbeat for the first time.
I have been in a really crafty mood but have not been able to act on it. I have not been feeling well because of the pregnancy. I have had yucky morning sickness which really isn't in the morning at all and I have been extremely tired! Can't wait to feel back to my normal self again and have some energy so I can start crafting and I guess I should clean my house and start cooking dinner again, but really all I want to do is craft!! I've got all these ideas floating around in my head and they are dieing to get out!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Orange Julius!!

I made the best drink tonight in my blender!!! Have you ever had an Orange Julius at the mall?!?! If you haven't you are missing out!!! Well nothing has sounded good to me for the past month because I have not been feeling well and then out of the blue I thought of the Orange Julius drink I used to have at the mall and so tonight I made one and OMGOODNESS!!!! It is AWESOME!!! I know what I am going to be drinking a ton of! So here is the recipe I used:

3oz. of frozen orange juice concentrate (I use pulp free, don't know if that matters, but I HATE pulp)
1/2 c milk
1/8-1/4 c sugar
1/2 c water
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract (I use Mexican vanilla, it's the best)
15 ice cubes or so (I like mine thick so if you don't want it as thick don't start off with as many ice cubes because you can always add more if you want it thicker)

Place in blender and blend the heck out of it and it is ready to be enjoyed!!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Peter's 2!!!

This is what Peter does when you ask him to smile. His hair is sticking up because we were getting ready to cut it and I wanted to show everyone how long it really was. His hair is so light that it was hard for anyone to tell that he really needed a haircut.
My baby turned 2 today. It was an uneventful day for Peter. Mommy was sick and daddy was out plowing. His siblings were very sweet and played with him and sang happy birthday multiple times to him. They even gave him a bath this morning. My kids rock!!! I just love them to death. Peter is a sweet little boy. He is trying very hard to talk right now and says several words. He usually just says one word at a time, but as we were going through walmart last Saturday he put 2 words together and it was a sign...he said "pillow pet". So we promptly bought him a pillow pet. It was the cutest thing every time we walked by the pillow pet display he would just start spouting of "pillow pet, pillow pet, pillow pet". Here are a few pics. of my sweet baby. (and I know he's not really a baby anymore, but for now he is my baby)
Peter with his buddy Christian!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Can't wait to craft again.

I am seriously excited. I have come up with the first craft I want to do this year. It has something to do with metal and birthdays that is all I am saying until I post a tutorial hopefully later this month.
The end of the year was long and I am excited to start the new year. I hope it will bring lots of joy and maybe even some surprises (as long as they are good ones!!).
My house is in desperate need of my attention...I guess I have been lacking in that department for a little while. I really do have a good excuse though! So, I will be tackling the house room by room for the next month or two. Hopefully I will get it all organized because right now it is hard to live in!