Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Peter's 2!!!

This is what Peter does when you ask him to smile. His hair is sticking up because we were getting ready to cut it and I wanted to show everyone how long it really was. His hair is so light that it was hard for anyone to tell that he really needed a haircut.
My baby turned 2 today. It was an uneventful day for Peter. Mommy was sick and daddy was out plowing. His siblings were very sweet and played with him and sang happy birthday multiple times to him. They even gave him a bath this morning. My kids rock!!! I just love them to death. Peter is a sweet little boy. He is trying very hard to talk right now and says several words. He usually just says one word at a time, but as we were going through walmart last Saturday he put 2 words together and it was a sign...he said "pillow pet". So we promptly bought him a pillow pet. It was the cutest thing every time we walked by the pillow pet display he would just start spouting of "pillow pet, pillow pet, pillow pet". Here are a few pics. of my sweet baby. (and I know he's not really a baby anymore, but for now he is my baby)
Peter with his buddy Christian!

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