Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Christian is 14!! (December 11, 2015)

Christian my sweet boy!!!

Oh how time just keeps trucking along!!!

1.  He continues to play the piano and he is gaining on me!!
2.  He loves legos.
3.  He loves movies!!! *he doesn't get that from me that one is totally from his dad and mimi!!!
4.  He is truly a sweet sweet boy!
5.  He still gives us a goodnight hug pretty much EVERY night!!
6.  He is a lover of chocolate and cheesecake...but who isn't?!?!
7.  He likes to go hunting with his dad.
8.  He can be quite a serious boy!
9.  But he surprises us with his sense of humor despite his seriousness!
10. He is an awesome big brother. 
11.  He enjoys playing the WII U
12.  He hates running!
13.  He is a night owl!!
14.  His testimony of the Savior is strong...he is constantly surprising me with the things he shares with us and others.  His knowledge of the scriptures continues to grow as each year passes. 

Monday, October 9, 2017

Austin is 20!!!!! (December 8, 2015)

My first child is no longer a teenager!
I really cannot believe he is a 20 year old! 

1.  He is on his last few months of his mission and he is not ready for it to be over.   He loves the people of Korea...he even loves a lot of their food!! He has learned a lot this last year and has grown in so many ways.  He truly is a servant of the Lord and loves what he is doing.  I am excited to see him in a short few months but, also know it will be a tough transition for him as he tries to figure out what his mission for his life will be.  I am so grateful to be his mom and to have had the opportunity to raise him all these years.  I know I will always be his mom, we have just entered a new time in our lives where I can be more that that!! I love Austin and am so proud of him!!
Happy 20th!!!

Noel is 9! (November 2, 2015)

My sweet Noel.

9 things about Noel!
1.  She is my shadow...she literally follows me around and I love it (most the time)!
2.  Noel wants to grow her hair to her feet.
3.  Noel loves to bake!
4.  She loves shoes...
5.  and clothes!
6.  Noel is a very thoughtful girl.  She loves to do kind things for those around her. 
7.  She is seriously a mini teenager!  She is ready for make up and the whole nine yards, I'm not though!  
8.  She loves her American Girl doll and looooves to do photo shoots with her doll!
9.  She is a social butterfly!
We love our sweet Noel.  She is our sunshine!

Charity is 16 (August 22, 2015)

Ummmm what???!!!??? How in the world did that happen?
I swear I was just walking into the delivery room ready to have this girl!!

16 things about Charity
1.  If you know Charity well you know that her nickname is Char-bear...given to her from her PopPop
2.  Charity has a BEAUTIFUL singing voice.
3.  Charity can play the organ beautifully!
4.  Charity has amazing hair!  Which she likes to change the color of!
5.  Charity is an amazing big sister...She babies her little brothers, watches movies with them and snuggles with them whenever she gets the chance.
6.  Charity works hard on her Personal Progress and plans on earning lots of Honor bees!
7.  Charity has a special relationship with her brother Christian.
8.  Charity has grown close to her brother Austin while he has served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in South Korea.
9.  Charity loves music...especially concerts.
10.  Charity loves skinny's totally her thing!
11.  She loves politics.  Which I think surprises people, but she is really passionate about it.
12. She loves Ted Cruz ^^
13.  She loves Converse.  
14. Charity is a great daughter.  She always knows when I am stressed and how to help best and it is fun having an older daughter that I know I will get to be best friends with!!!
15. Charity LOVES the ROYALS!!
16.  She loves her Savior and shows it in her everyday actions!

Love you Char-bear!!

Tyler is 4 (August 2, 2015)

Our little Ty-man is 4!!!

Why do babies have to grow up!?!?  I love watching our little Tyler and seeing this little boy that he is becoming!
 Tyler is not the easiest kid but boy to we love him.  
 4 things about our little Ty-man
1.  He is our pickiest kid when it comes to eating!!!!  I think he would prefer not to eat if that was an option...of course he likes anything junk food though!!
2.  He looooooooves his mom! Like he is stuck on to me like velcro!
3.  He is a sweet big brother to Joshua and he idolized his big brothers...especially Peter!
4.  He  loves trains!

Tyler is such a sweet boy and we are so happy to be his parents! 

Grace is 11 (August 1, 2015)

Grace is such a spunky, fun loving girl!!

11 things about our Grace:

1.  She loves to be outdoors...riding her bike, running around, playing in the dirt, jumping on the name it and she pretty much loves it if it is outside!
2.  She is a lace or ruffles for this girl!
3.  She is tenderhearted.  She does not like to see her siblings get hurt or in get in trouble, she sticks up for them even if it gets her in trouble too!! lol
4.  She chew her really bad!!!
5.  She likes to be barefoot.
6.  She likes organized chaos in her room...I prefer just organized!!
7.  She has really started to LOVE reading!
8.  She loves animals, especially her cats.
9.  She loves to go to the lake house and she would spend the whole time out on the lake.
10.  She is very creative.  She loves to do any kind of arts and crafts.
11.  She tries her best to be just like her Savior!

We are so proud of the young lady she is becoming.  We are happy to have her in our family!!

Joshua is 1!!

Joshua is a pretty serious kiddo...he isn't the baby who will give you that easy smile but, when he does it sure is sweet! He is a super sweet little boy and I am taking it all in because I know how fast these little ones grow and change!

He is my little blonde boy!

He has us all wrapped around his little finger (I guess that is what happens when you are the baby!!)