Sunday, November 28, 2010

Too long!

O.K. it's been way too long since I posted. Life has been crazy busy. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with LOTS of family. It was a total of 29 people and 15 of them were kids. It was chaotic but it really was a lot of fun. I have been trying to get all my Christmas decor. up, but for some reason it is taking me forever!!! I usually have it all up by the 2nd week of November, so I am a little behind. I will take some pics. when I am all done. I have a few favorites mainly my stockings, but I put up new garland on my stairs rails and I LOVE it!! Anyways, hopefully I can post a few crafts in the next couple weeks, but we'll see I am scheduled to get my brace put on this Wednesday (really exciting, I know!!) and then both my boys have birthdays at the beginning of December. O.K. enough randomness.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial

I am hopefully going to post how I made my new headboard this week. I was exposed to poison ivy a week and a half ago and am completely miserable. So, I haven't really had the energy to do extra stuff. But I did finish up my headboard last week and I really love it. I used an old 5 panel door that required lots of sanding, scraping, and painting! Of course, if you know me I couldn't just paint it white and leave it be. I had to make it look old. I can't wait to share.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

No Tuesday Tutorial this week but...

Noel turned 4 yesterday!!! I can't believe 4 years have already past. She is such a fun little girl. Here is a little about Noel: She is pretty much always go, go, go. She loves playing with her big sister Grace and little brother Peter. She wears her cowgirl boots with pretty much everything and is just a hilarious girl. I feel so blessed to be able to raise this sweet little girl!