Monday, June 27, 2011

What in the world?

We have a sandbox in the backyard. I DO NOT like the sandbox...the kids LOVE the sandbox.

Why do I not like the sandbox you ask? The kiddos come in with sand everywhere, in their ears, toes, fingers...and who knows where else. The hair is the worst!!!! So my sweet hubby was trying to brush it out of her hair and it was not working at all. As I sat there trying to be helpful ;) or not I saw my new pretty vacuum sitting there and thought hey it has great suction power it may just work! Guess what?? It worked!!! I heart my Dyson seriously best vacuum ever!!!!

Just had to throw in this pic. of my two blondies! Aren't they just adorable?!

34.5 weeks

OK let me warn you this dress is way cuter in person and I don't think I look quite as huge in person as the picture makes me look! :) Oh and Noel had to show off her "baby bump" too!

I can't believe how close my due date is getting. I have made a HUGE to do list for myself...which kinda sucks but, I work well off a list and so that's what I am doing. I am really just trying to get everything organized so that this sweet little guy can come home to a place of order and not total chaos!

Monday, June 20, 2011

I am on an organizing frenzy!

I looooove organizing! Does my house look awesomely organized??? NO WAY!!!! I have 6 kids remember. :) Anyways, I really love it when things are organized it makes my heart go all aflutter! I am really needing my home organized before this baby comes. I know it won't last forever it never does. Hopefully, it will last until he comes and a little while after. I started with my 2 closets on either side of my front door. The first closet I tackled holds all my homeschooling supplies. This is how it started. It's not horrible, it is actually somewhat organized but, I didn't really like the way it looked.
So, I purchased some clear bins from good ole Wally World and was able to turn it from this...

To this...It actually makes me smile whenever I open the door. I did get rid of several things that I will be donating and there was a small amount of trash. Now I know where all my materials are and I won't waste time looking for them.

Next, I tackled the closet that is basically our catch all closet. Coats, swim gear, church bags, and whatever else the kids (and if I am being honest me) throws in there. It is just a good hiding place.

I purchased the over the door hanger thingy this past winter to hold all our winter gear and loved it. So when the winter gear went out I hadn't quite figured out what I was going to use it for. I decided to put sunblock, sunglasses, and bug spray in it. It is awesome. Now I will always no where the sunblock is. For some reason my house eats sunblock!

I pulled half of a plastic shelving unit we had in the basement to hold our swimming gear, camera bag, and church bags. The top of the closet has 2 bins which are holding extra bags/backpacks and neck pillows (I made up a neck pillow for each of our family members back when we went to Disneyland in April) Anyways, I don't love it as much as the other closet but, it looks a million times better than it did.

I am not sure what to do next. I have such a large list of things to do before the baby comes that it is a little overwhelming. Maybe I will start on the boys room. Since the baby might need somewhere to sleep when he comes! :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

I am married to not only an amazing husband but, also an amazing father. I am seriously blessed to have this man in my life. He is such a considerate husband and loving father. I love you Russell!!! Thanks for being so kind and patient with me even though I have been a little crazy the past couple of weeks. **For those of you wondering, no I do not have 7 children yet. Still slow cooking one in the belly. The girl in the pink hoodie is my little sister!

I am.......

34! Yeah, I know some people think that that is old but, really I am totally o.k. with it!

My sister Elyse made me an apple crisp for my birthday cake and it was amazing! What an awesome sister!!!

33.5 weeks

This was quite the photo shoot today. Peter was in a mood all day long ti was not a good day! Of course when we went to take pictures he didn't want me doing that so you get to see him having a fit!

And here is a picture of me in what I really like to wear everyday. Yoga pants and a t-shirt usually a maternity shirt just because they really are a little more flattering.
You probably can tell just by the pics. I am totally wiped out from this week! It was a long one.

Monday, June 13, 2011

32.5 weeks

So today my photographer was my 9 year old and I guess my instructions were lacking because I said make sure you get my belly in the picture. This is what I got. It made me giggle. This is how I would like to see myself sometimes! :)We did another one. A little better, he got most of my head. I gave him one more try and he did it. Not the most flattering picture but, he got all of me in it.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

8 weeks left!

I can't believe I only have 8 weeks left. This pregnancy has been flying by and I can't wait to meet this little guy! He has become pretty active over the last week. I was at the pool trying to climb into a tube, to float on the lazy river, while holding my 2 year old and apparently I totally squashed the baby and he flipped or something. Now I have been able to feel him move a lot more than before that had happened. He was the most calm baby I have ever been pregnant with. I would only feel him move once a day and not for very long. Now he is much more active! Hopefully the little guy flipped into the correct position but, I am not going to let my self stress about that because at this point there is nothing I can do. I really am just excited to get to hold him in my arms and for my hubby and kiddos to get to hold him too!
On a side note, not that anyone cares, I got the floodles done for cub camp!!! Yay!!!! Seriously happy they are done!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just one of those weeks!

Man oh man I am just having one of those weeks you just want to end! I am so completely out of control. I hate feeling like this. My plate is just too full. I thought summer was supposed to be relaxing...apparently not when you have several kids in this camp and that high adventure and youth conference etc... You get the point. I really am grateful my kids get the opportunity to do these things but, I am just completely overwhelmed with it all right now. Not really sure how to get a handle on things either. One thing I have been doing almost every day is bringing my kiddos to the pool for a couple hours and this is the one thing that sometimes gets me through the day because an afternoon at the pool results in this every single time...

He is such a busy kiddo and he quit taking naps a month or two ago and I have to say I was worried because I need a little free time without him in the afternoons so that I can spend it with my older children or just finish up things around the house. He usually falls asleep on the way home but, today he was still awake when we got home. I knew he was tired when he found his blanket, grabbed his tractors and climbed up on the couch and laid down with them.

Ahhhhhhh Peace!!! Kind of anyways!

My new motto: I will say NO! (It sounds mean, so we'll see)

Monday, June 6, 2011

31.5 weeks

It is funny how you think you look halfway decent in something until you see a picture of yourself in it. My goodness, I can't believe my tummy has 8 more weeks to go!

On a side note...that is how Peter smiles when you tell him to smile. I guess he thinks we all scrunch our eyes up, so that's what he does. What a goofball.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Had a very busy day today. Had a Dr. appointment for me today (which I get to repeat in 2 weeks), brought 15 year old to the ortho, brought all the kids to the pool, went to the grocery store and threw in a lunch date w/ my hubby because I needed some adult time. Feeling a little crazy right now. I hope it is just hormones and not the new me!!