Monday, June 20, 2011

I am on an organizing frenzy!

I looooove organizing! Does my house look awesomely organized??? NO WAY!!!! I have 6 kids remember. :) Anyways, I really love it when things are organized it makes my heart go all aflutter! I am really needing my home organized before this baby comes. I know it won't last forever it never does. Hopefully, it will last until he comes and a little while after. I started with my 2 closets on either side of my front door. The first closet I tackled holds all my homeschooling supplies. This is how it started. It's not horrible, it is actually somewhat organized but, I didn't really like the way it looked.
So, I purchased some clear bins from good ole Wally World and was able to turn it from this...

To this...It actually makes me smile whenever I open the door. I did get rid of several things that I will be donating and there was a small amount of trash. Now I know where all my materials are and I won't waste time looking for them.

Next, I tackled the closet that is basically our catch all closet. Coats, swim gear, church bags, and whatever else the kids (and if I am being honest me) throws in there. It is just a good hiding place.

I purchased the over the door hanger thingy this past winter to hold all our winter gear and loved it. So when the winter gear went out I hadn't quite figured out what I was going to use it for. I decided to put sunblock, sunglasses, and bug spray in it. It is awesome. Now I will always no where the sunblock is. For some reason my house eats sunblock!

I pulled half of a plastic shelving unit we had in the basement to hold our swimming gear, camera bag, and church bags. The top of the closet has 2 bins which are holding extra bags/backpacks and neck pillows (I made up a neck pillow for each of our family members back when we went to Disneyland in April) Anyways, I don't love it as much as the other closet but, it looks a million times better than it did.

I am not sure what to do next. I have such a large list of things to do before the baby comes that it is a little overwhelming. Maybe I will start on the boys room. Since the baby might need somewhere to sleep when he comes! :)

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