Thursday, October 29, 2009

My little brother's tribute

Our friend Pearl submitted my brother's name for a tribute in the KC Star and they choose him. It was just another nice way for everyone to be able to read a little about who Chris was and what a wonderful brother, friend, uncle, and son he was.

Monday, October 26, 2009

What's been going on and what's coming...

Life has felt a little surreal lately. Adjusting to the devastating loss our family has experienced this last month has not been an easy thing. It has been difficult getting back into the "swing" of things, but a house full of children demands things to be "normal" again; even if I feel otherwise. I hope to start crafting again this week. This is something I love to do with my friend Charlee and whoever else would like to join us. So hopefully I will be posting our projects.
My husband is starting to put Christmas lights up this week. YAY!!!
Austin is helping out at a haunted house our dear friend Jane Johnson does every year and is very excited about it.
Charity is performing in a play Oliver and is super excited about it. This has been a lot of work for me too, as I have had to sew costumes for them. She practices once a week for 3 hours and just seems to love it.
Christian is taking a stunts and combat class that he thoroughly enjoys; what boy wouldn't. He is so full of energy; he is one funny kid!
Grace is in Kindergarten this year. This is one of my favorite years to teach because I get to teach them to read. She is doing really well and knows almost all her alphabet upper and lowercase. I am soo proud of her.
Noel is as cute as can be. She is such a talker. She will talk your ear off once she gets to know you and decides that you are A OK.
Peter has decided that he is going to start walking. He took 5 steps tonight. I was very impressed and slightly anxious about all the things he is going to be getting into. I don't think any of my kiddos has walked at this early of an age.
As for me I have been being a mom, teacher, and wife. Trying to do my best to just get through day to day life. I am very blessed to have such a loving family and am grateful to my Heavenly Father for all of my blessings that are so abundantly around me.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Mom

My mom is my best friend. There are not words to express the gratitude and love I have for my mother. Today was her birthday and I am grateful for each year I get to spend with her. I grieve for my mom at this time as she has experienced more loss in her life; not only has she had to lose her parents, a brother, and husband; but now she has had to bury her young 30 year old son. I love you mom and pray that this year will bring you peace and comfort!