Friday, November 18, 2011

Crazy Crafters Christmas Crafting...

Here are the crafts we would like to do for our Christmas Crafting Session

Jingle Bell shadow box. Not the best picture...sorry!

Supplies: Shadow box (you can get one at walmart for around 8 bucks)
scrapbook paper
bells that will fit
vinyl (provided for a small fee)

Here is the prayer board that I am seriously excited to make. You just list out the people or maybe things you are praying for...I am forgetful and this would be soo helpful.

Supplies for prayer board: 5x7 frame (if you want it to be like the one below) but you could use any size frame. I plan on making an 8x10 one for my family to use in a central area of our home but I would like a 5x7 one for my night stand.

scrap of coordinating fabric for rolled flowers 1-2 inches by 20 or so inches

scrapbook paper to put in the frame

the vinyl will be provided for a small fee *will update as soon as I know how much

This can also be made as a to do list instead of a prayer board.

This is just a pic of a frame that would make a fun prayer board or to do list. Knit scarf. This was super fun and easy to make!

Supplies: knit fabric (this one was made for my girls that is why it is so much shorter)

I will give you a more exact amount after I make an adult one

matching thread

pearls or beads for flowers

I love the flowers with the little pearls in the middle!The amazing birthday board! I love this has helped to remember birthdays the past couple months that I have been using. A total lifesaver!!! :)
Supplies: the board came from hobby lobby it's the only one shaped like that

scraps of fabric for rolled flowers

knob (hobby lobby has tons of them) could also use card stock
vinyl will be provided for a small fee

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The cutest turkey onesie!!

I am not one to toot my own horn but, SERIOUSLY, this is one of the cutest turkeys!!!!

I wish I had a little baby girl to make it for! Since I don't, I guess that

means my girlfriend gets to be the lucky recipients! :) I love ruffled bums too!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A few outtakes from our family photo shoot...

So my sister and mom were kind enough to do a little family photo shoot for us and it went something like this... This is one of my favorites. We have a couple that might work but, I think I would like to reshoot it now that we know what some of the problems were (main one being it's just too many people to get to cooperate at once!) :)

Oops someone must have told Peter to smile. This is what he does 100% of the time if he is told to smile!
Who's hand is Peter holding you might wonder...well we are too! Maybe he is trying to tell us something!

I love this picture because it captured the personality of each of my children so well. We really do have some great pictures I will be posting sometime soon. I just thought I would give you all a good laugh at our expense. It is hard get a family pic. Just sayin!

Looking through the mirror of time

This is a very random post but, when I took this picture this evening these were my thoughts. :)When I look at Austin holding Tyler it is as if I am looking at a 15 year old Austin and holding a 3 month old Austin. It's kind of weird but, really it's kind of neat!! This little guy looks just like his big brother (though Tyler's eyes are bigger). Austin finally got a mini him...Christian and Peter look exactly alike and not much like Austin at all. I heart my boys!!!

FYI: not a very good pic. the baby was fussy and not really in the mood for my little photo shoot! ;)

Austin is seriously the best big brother. I couldn't of hand picked a better brother for my little boys! He is so patient with Tyler when I need a moment or need to get things done. I really am blessed to have such a great son!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Noel is 5!

I can't believe 5 years has gone by since I gave birth to this beautiful girl!

We had a fun day celebrating Noel's birthday! We went to fork and screen and watched Puss in Boots! It was an extremely cute movie...even Peter sat through the whole thing. Here is Noel after the movie the temp had dropped about 10 degrees and it was feeling pretty chilly but, she has a nice big brother and he shared his hoodie with her! When we got home we lit a fire in the fireplace because it is that chilly! It was sooo cozy. Noel opened her presents and was thrilled to receive a doll she can bring in the bath tub with her. She also got Just Dance Kids and it was pretty funny watching her dance. I have to say the girls got moves!!

Charity made Noel's cake. She did a great job. Noel loved her cake and the fact that she got to keep the barbie!

Noel blowing her candles out after we had to relight them!

Peter is in the background with his head down because he was the cause of us having to relight the candles. The little stinker blew out the candles in the middle of us singing happy birthday. He wasn't very happy that we told him not to do that. He got over it when we placed a piece of cake and ice cream in front of him!Happy Birthday Noely! We love you so much and are so blessed to have you in our family.