Friday, November 18, 2011

Crazy Crafters Christmas Crafting...

Here are the crafts we would like to do for our Christmas Crafting Session

Jingle Bell shadow box. Not the best picture...sorry!

Supplies: Shadow box (you can get one at walmart for around 8 bucks)
scrapbook paper
bells that will fit
vinyl (provided for a small fee)

Here is the prayer board that I am seriously excited to make. You just list out the people or maybe things you are praying for...I am forgetful and this would be soo helpful.

Supplies for prayer board: 5x7 frame (if you want it to be like the one below) but you could use any size frame. I plan on making an 8x10 one for my family to use in a central area of our home but I would like a 5x7 one for my night stand.

scrap of coordinating fabric for rolled flowers 1-2 inches by 20 or so inches

scrapbook paper to put in the frame

the vinyl will be provided for a small fee *will update as soon as I know how much

This can also be made as a to do list instead of a prayer board.

This is just a pic of a frame that would make a fun prayer board or to do list. Knit scarf. This was super fun and easy to make!

Supplies: knit fabric (this one was made for my girls that is why it is so much shorter)

I will give you a more exact amount after I make an adult one

matching thread

pearls or beads for flowers

I love the flowers with the little pearls in the middle!The amazing birthday board! I love this has helped to remember birthdays the past couple months that I have been using. A total lifesaver!!! :)
Supplies: the board came from hobby lobby it's the only one shaped like that

scraps of fabric for rolled flowers

knob (hobby lobby has tons of them) could also use card stock
vinyl will be provided for a small fee

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