Saturday, January 2, 2010

Austin is 14

My oldest son turned 14 this past December. I can hardly believe he is 14. For some reason this just seems way bigger than when he turned 13. Maybe it is the fact that he is starting to pass me up in height and is starting to look like a man. It is just crazy and a little sad. Austin is such a sweet young man. He does have a sarcastic streak in him, but he never intends to hurt anyone; he's just trying to be funny. I love him lots and can't believe 14 years have already flown by. It hit me the other day that he only has a few years left with us at home. :( I hope they don't go by to fast. Here are some pics of my sweet teenager.
I know his cake looks a little funny. He wanted an icecream cake with YuGiOh cards on it; doesn't really let me go crazy with my cake decorating; but he liked it.

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