Friday, February 20, 2009

It has been a LOOOOONG couple of weeks. We've experienced a head cold and the stomach flu which went through all of us but baby Peter! (Thankfully he didn't get sick) I have a few pics to post. Peter's first bath. He received a ducky towel and he is so cute all wrapped up in it. He loved taking a bath.

Christian lost a tooth and gave me the cheesiest grin to remember it always! He is such a little Russell. He just cracks us up. He loves Peter soo much. He is always saying things to Peter like "we are going to be the best of friends!" and the other day when he was upset he came in my room picked Peter up off my bed and said to him in the most serious voice "you are the only one who understands me!" It was hilarious I had a hard time not laughing at him, but I knew if I did he would be very upset.
Charity had a party with her friends this week. She had a lot of fun. They played games, decorated cookies, and painted a picture frame. They were a little wild but what does one expect from 5 9 year olds.

Noel, my little blondie, is such a sweetheart. She says to me everyday "I want to hold it" it would be Peter. No matter how many times I tell her You want to hold him or You want to hold Peter she always reverts back to it. I have some cute pictures of her holding "IT".

Grace decided she wanted to wear her swimsuit last week even though it was freezing cold outside. She then proceded to put on daddy's hat. I couldn't resist taking a picture she looked completely ridiculous.

And then there is me and Austin posing with Peter before church. I can't believe how tall Austin is getting I have a feeling he is going to pass me up.

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