Thursday, June 18, 2009

Best husband ever....

I seriously sometimes wonder why I was blessed with such a fabulous husband. For my birthday yesterday I was treated to breakfast with some good friends, then my husband set up a play day at worlds of fun. I had not been there in many many years. It was a total blast. I looooove roller coasters and I think I rode them all. It was seriously fun, it made me forget that I am getting kinda old. Then he took me out to dinner with my mom and the Michies, which was delicious. Then my mother in law made a delicious cake, along with Charity who also made me a cake. 2 cakes WOW! It was such a great day. Oh and the best part I got a foot rub, my favorite thing in the world! And then there is all the little things he did for me~he kept taking the baby from me saying "it's your special day", he changed diapers he even got annoyed with me for changing one (he had left the house to get pizza what was I going to do let the baby sit in a poopy diaper cause it was my birthday). He treats me like a queen on my birthday and I will shamelessly admit that I love all 24 hours of it. He must seriously love me to spoil me so much. I love my hubby!! Let me just say Russell always treats me like a queen but as parents to 6 it is easy to get burned out, frustrated, etc.... So he always makes an extra effort to make my day special. I feel so blessed!!!!