Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Maybe I should just call it Wednesday Tutorial....

But that doesn't sound as catchy. I actually don't have any pics for my tutorial yet. But I am going to try and explain it.
small terrecotta pot and the drip pan thingy
A small round glass votive holder that would fit on top of your pot when it is flipped upside down.
Black spray paint
gorilla glue
Round wooden ball w/ one side flattened.

1. Spray paint pot and drip pan thingy black. It took several coats for my pot to get a nice even finish.
2. After everyting is dry place your pot upside down and glue the glass votive holder on w/ the opening on top of course.
3. Glue the round wooden ball the the drip pan thingy to make it look like a lid.
4. Fill jar w/ candy and put the lid on top of the jar. It should look like a bubble gum machine.

I will post pics. as soon as I take some!!

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  1. Yeah I need pics cuz I can't seem to see this in my head...