Thursday, October 4, 2012

Super Saturday

Gratitude vinyl
(you provide 8x10 frame & scrapbook paper)
This is such a fun, quick and easy project to make.  You just need to grab an 8x10 frame or something close to those measurements and a piece of your favorite scrapbook paper.  You can get frames at the Dollar Tree and paint them if you want a specific color.  I have also seen great bargains at Savers and Goodwill.  I don’t know about you, but I had a bunch just laying around in the basement just begging for a re-purpose!  Also, this is the time of year to get dry erase markers on clearance to make your gift complete!  A final note – if you want to embellish your board you can bring a 2”x18” or thereabouts scrap 
of fabric and I can show you how to make rolled flowers to glue onto the board.

 Chocolate Magnet
(everything provided)
 Nativity Ornament

(Everything provided)

You can select a 5x7 or 8x10 or even a square 6x6 or 8x8 shadow box.  I have found that the most economical place to get them is at Michaels.  They even sell a 3 pack of the 8x10s or a 4 pack of the 5x7s.  These run 19.99.  If you use a 40% off coupon you obviously save lots.  Also, if you just watch the ads, they frequently are 50% off which ends up being $10 for your 3 pack or 4 pack.  They also have 5x7s sold individually which come in white or black.  These cost a little more but are much wider and can accommodate pretty large bells.  If you are making the “Let it snow” box then it doesn’t matter the depth of your shadow box.  However, if you are making the “Jingle all the way” box then you need to pay close attention as to the depth of your box and not get bells that are bigger than your box.  Again, I purchased bells 1 package at a time with 40% or 50% off coupons.  You could always bring your kids with you and each have a coupon so that you can purchase everything in one stop.  Wal-mart also has bells reasonably priced in your basic brass and silver colors in several sizes.  You will also need a piece of scrapbook paper (something snowy for the Let it snow box or something Christmasy for the Jingle all the way box).  Lastly, you need to go back to your sign-up after you purchase your shadow boxes to let me know if you want small or large, white or black vinyl.  The “small” will fit the 5x7s and the 6x6s and the “large” will fit the 8x10 and the 8x8 boxes.  I would assume you would only want white vinyl if you purchased a white box.  

Jingle All the Way Shadow Box 
Vinyl Only

Let it Snow Shadow Box 
Vinyl Only
Believe Pennant Banner

(Everything provided)
Etched Name (for a loaf pan you provide)
**Etching cream will only be available the day of super Saturday
Kitchen Towel Holder

(Everything provided but the towel)


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  2. How can I find out which sizes/colors I signed up for so I can buy the rest of the materials?

  3. Brandi, I also want to add to loaf pans to my Super Saturday order? Names: VonFeldt and Friesen. Who do I pay?