Thursday, November 8, 2012

Family Pics

We had our family pics taken a couple weeks ago by my friend Charlee.  She did a great not so much! My two little boys would NOT cooperate but we did come up with a few keepers.  
The whole crew...Tyler would not look at the camera and Peter's face is a little obscured but overall I am really happy with it.
 Me and my hubby. 
 My four dapper boys.
 My 3 sweet girls.


  1. Hooray for family torture...I mean pictures!! ;)
    I feel your pain Brandy - but I have NO idea how you do it with 7 kids! I can hardly get 4 little ones ready for pictures without loosing it. :)
    They look great!

    1. It was a little two little boys would NOT cooperate, even with bribery! Thanks you though. It's as good as it gets!! :)