Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Austin is 17 (yeah his bday was in December too)

Austin is 17

This year has been a pretty big eye opener for me.  Our child is almost an adult.  It is exciting and scary!! He is a great kid/young adult.  
17 things about Austin

1.  He is a fabulous big brother.  His little brothers really look up to him.
2.  He is a great son...always willing to help me, especially when I am stressed!
3.  He still loves legos.
4.  He is graduating a year early!! so that...
5.  He can serve a 2 year mission for our church, which he can do when he turns 18 next December.
6.  He is always willing to try new things.
7.  He loves to go to early morning seminary.
8. I have never heard him say something unkind about any of his teachers. (never complained he had a boring teacher or anything)
9.  He is a self-motivated kiddo (most of the time)
10.  He is taller than me!!
11.  He loves to write.
12.  He is an intellect.
13.  He loves to sing.
14.  He reads and has a remarkable understanding of the scriptures.
15.  He is a good leader.
16.  He likes to look for those who need a little boost and help them out.
17.  He is not to cool to say "I love you, mom" when we get off the phone no matter who is around him!

I am so grateful for this amazing son that Heavenly Father has blessed us with!! Love you Austin!!

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