Sunday, July 6, 2014

Christian is 12 (December 11)

12 Amazing things about Christian!

1.  Christian is an amazing big brother...I mean amazing!
2.  Christian is still a sweetie even though he is in those tough tweener years 
and I am so very, very grateful!
3.  Christian loves Lagos just like his big bro. Austin.
4.  He loves movies.
5.  He love anything most kids nowadays!
6.  He loves to read.
7. He loves to help others, he has a real servants heart.
8.  He is a great pianist.
9.  He loves camping.
10.  He loves water boarding and is darn good at them too!
11.  He loves riding his bike.
12.  He has a very sweet testimony of Jesus Christ and shares it almost every fast Sunday...I will never tire of hearing it!
Oh and he loves Nerf guns and Nerf gun wars!!! :)
Happy 12th Birthday Kiddo...we love you and are so very proud of you!

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