Tuesday, January 20, 2015

September 2014

Charity got her learner's permit! YIKES!!! She is actually quite a good driver!!  Here is she is in her brother's car...I am sure he won't mind since he can't drive it for another year and a half! :)
This little boy started sucking his thumb again...so cute!
Why did I post this pic...I couldn't resist he is such a ham and so adorable!
A little homeschooling in the yard with a snake! YUCK!
Joshua is starting to smile lots and lots!
Tyler loves his mommy!
Noel is a mommy's helper that is for sure!

I had surgery on my small toe that I broke several months ago...bed rest for 5 days meant my hubby did a lot of baby holding...he seriously is the bomb!
And of course there has been a lot of schooling going on around here!

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