Friday, March 27, 2009

Getting ready for snow!!

Today is going to be absolutely crazy. The baby is still sick and didn't sleep as well as he normally does. He's having a hard time breathing because his nose is all yucky! And we have to go out shopping today to get ready for a huge snowstorm!! Really, I am not complaining because snow means money for us. But I hate having to bring Peter out in this cold weather. We have to go to Aldis, Walmart, and Costco!!!! UGH........My fault for waiting to long but we are completely out of bread, almost out of milk, and various other things you need to survive with 6 kids. Oh well that is life. Hopefully Peter will start to feel well soon and Noel too. I pray that the other kids stay healthy, the last thing I need is a bunch of sick kiddos. I just keep thinking get through the day because tonight when Russell will probably be out pretreating- I will snuggle in with my kids and eat popcorn and watch a movie. :)

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