Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial Card Holder

I saw this on someones blog, of course I can't remember where. If I find it I will link it. Anyways, I made up my own little tutorial for this. It is super simple.
Supply List:
2 Yogurt and/or Sour cream lid (or some sort of lid like this)
Something to poke a small hole with
Goo gone
Washcloth or paper towel
Some cards to play!
Take the goo gone and put it on the lid where the printing is and rub off the design; you may have to do this a couple times. (do this to both lids)
Also, rub off the expiration date on the side of the lid.
Poke a hole in the center of both lids.
Shove the brad in one lid and then line up the other lid and push the brad through that one to.
Fold down the tabs on the brad and viola you are done!! Well almost; put some cards in and play!!
My girls looooove these. We play go fish alot right now because my little girls are trying to learn their numbers.

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