Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pinterest Recipe...School Lunch Peanut Butter Bars

Image is from the blog these recipes came from that I linked above.  I forgot to take a pic. of my own.

These bars were said to be amazing!  We tried them out today and decided they were pretty good but not our favorite.  Would I suggest these to anyone? Sure, they would be great for bringing on a picnic as opposed to our favorite peanut butter bars.  (I will have to share that recipe sometime)  So I will give this one a thumbs up but, not our favorite one!

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  1. I made these, but I tried to make them a bit healthier by using whole spelt flour and sucanat instead of sugar. We didn't love them, but we were headed to my sister's for a visit so I took the pan of them with us and they all got eaten. I hope you share your favorite peanut bars soon!