Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Austin is 18!!!

Yikes! The time truly has flown by!
Austin celebrated his 18th birthday on December 8! 
18 things about Austin:
1.  Austin is an amazing young man who is always considerate of those around him!
2.  Austin is a strong leader.
3.  He has a knack for knowing when his mom is stressed and pitching in to lighten my load!
4.  Austin has always been close with all of his teachers or leaders at church.
5.  Austin loves to sing!
6.  He also knows how to play piano.
7.  Austin is a fabulous writer.
8.  Austin is a wonderful big brother who is always trying to set the best example he can for his younger siblings.
9.  He is teaching himself to play the Ukulele.
10.  Austin is an Eagle Scout and he earned it on his own without our help.
11.  He loves to give service.
12.  He loves Chicken haystacks.
13.  He loves desserts with peanut butter. (esp. the peanut butter bars his Mimi makes)
14.  He loves to read.
15.  He loves movies.
16.  He still tells us that he loves us no matter who is around him.
17.  He loves the Lord and is not scared to show those around him his testimony.
18.  He has chosen to serve a 2 year mission for the Lord.
We are so very proud of Austin and the man he has become!

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