Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Tyler's 2nd Birthday (August 2)

Tyler is an amazing little boy who looooves his big brothers and sisters.  He kind of a thing for his mom too! ;)  He is a bit spoiled with all these older sibling to dote on him but, I guess that is the way it goes when you are the baby.  Tyler loves to play with cars.   He also loves to play outside.  He is a bit shy around those he doesn't know and takes a while to warm up to people but, once he does he can be kind of crazy.  We love this little guy so much and love watching his personality continue to develop! 
 2 other things about Tyler
1. He loves to pretend he is a dog!
2.  He loves to give kisses but, first he HAS to make a fish face with his lips all puckered up and that is how you get to be kissed!!
 He's not so sure about this whole cake thing!
He quickly decided he was ok with it after he tasted a bite!

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