Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back from the lake

We arrived home on Monday from a week and a half spent at the lake. It was an exciting and fun trip. We had lots of company come down to "play" with. Of course Russell's parents and sister were there the fourth of July weekend along with my mom and brother and sis. We were able to go out on the boat and enjoy the fireworks. It was beautiful. The kids were able to get rid of tons of energy by swimming before the fireworks show. The trip back to the boat dock afterwards was slightly scary with all those boats trying to leave and one time but obviously we made it back in one piece. They all left and then a couple days later the deacons came down for a couple days. They were all very well behaved and I think they had a fun time. Christian was able to even hang out with them a little bit which he absolutely loved *even though hid did receive a black eye playing a game with them in the dark*. The scouts left on Friday and our dear friends the Santistebans came down Saturday morning. We had lots of fun tubing and swimming. The kids enjoyed having other kids to play with down at the lake usually it is just that provides the majority of the kids down there. Anyways it was a very exciting and fun trip!!
On a side note Gracie got her cast off the day we left for the lake which was quite an experience. They had to remove the pins from her arm which I found totally disgusting. She was brave and did well. It took a couple weeks but today she was finally able to straighten her arm all the way! YAY!!!

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