Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hooter Hider ~ Nursing Cover Tutorial

Hooter Hider~Nursing Cover Tutorial
Supply list:
1 yd of super cute fabric
1 set of D rings (I have used different sizes and they all seem to work well)
15” of boning

Cut the fabric as follows:
38” x 29” this is the main part of the Hooter Hider.

24” x 5” this is for the strap.

12” x 3” this is for the D rings.
Take the main piece of fabric and fold over the 2 short ends 1/2” and iron. Fold over again and iron. Take one of the long ends and repeat what you did to the short ends. Sew about a 1/2" from all 3 sides. It should look like this.
Fold over top by 1/2” and iron. Fold again and iron. Set this aside while you make the straps.

Take the 24” x 5” piece of fabric and fold in half length wise right sides together. You are then
going to cut it to a point.

Sew along length wise to the point leaving bottom open.
Turn it right side out.

You are now going to iron it with the seam in the middle.

Now lets make the loop for the D rings. Take your 12” by 3” strip of fabric and fold it right sides together. Sew up along the edges ½” seam.
Turn right side out.

Slide the D rings on to the middle of the fabric and fold in half. You are going to sew as close to the D rings as possible straight across.

Now back to the main piece of fabric. You are going to pin the D ring strap and long strap 8 1/2” from each end. Sew from each edge until you reach across the straps, then stop sewing leaving the middle section open.

You are now going to take your boning and slip it into the middle section that is open. Make sure you have the boning going in the direction you want it to. Pin the edges down around it.
Sew across the opening close to the open edge. This can be a little tricky sewing next to the boning.

You are going to flip up the strap holding the D rings and the long strap and sew across them.

You are finished!


  1. Thanks for the tutorial...I am going to link to this from my blog!! :)

  2. That's a great idea!! I've seen the nursing covers and have personnally never even wanted to use a blanket, but I'm expecting twins and this may be the way to go!!

  3. Thanks for teaching the class. You were a very patient teacher!