Monday, February 14, 2011

My Hubby Rocks!!

My husband decided to surprise me for Valentine's Day and bring me out to the plaza for dinner. It was lots of fun. Then when we got home he had a little surprise for me a Pandora bracelet w/ all my kiddos initials on it and a bead to represent him. He really is an amazing man, always thinking of me! I really feel so blessed to have found such a wonderful person to spend eternity with. From changing all the poopy diapers while I have morning sickness to making our toilets sparkly clean for me to puke in he really knows how to steal a girls heart!


  1. How are you doing your craft group? Are you getting all the supplies and having people pay you back or do they bring their own stuff? I'm trying to start one here and I'm wondering the best way to do it. I'll probably just end up winging it and adapting as we go but I'd like some advice if you have any.