Monday, February 28, 2011

My boys!

Here is what I did today...
My handsome Christian!! He was starting to get a little shaggy though!
This pic doesn't do his hair justice, but it is really cute all spiked up. It fits his personality perfectly. I just can't get enough of that smile, it just cracks me up!
He hates the flash and I always get goofy pics of him like the one below.
I was able to capture a couple "normal" pics of him after his hair cut.
I cut my kiddos hair (except for the 2 oldest because they actually want a style :)) it saves us a few bucks and is less traumatic for Peter. There is no way he would let someone he didn't know come near him with a comb and scissors. Mostly, it's just the comb that scares him though. I know kind of weird, but he just doesn't like the comb at all. Everytime I ran it through his hair he would start to freak out so I had to just use my fingers a lot of the time which did make it a little more difficult.

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  1. Cute boys alert! The spiky hair is adorable.