Friday, September 9, 2011

The Apron Giveaway Winner

OK because I do everything confusing...I have 2 different posts w/ comments for possible winners I am going to type everyones name in random.orgs list generator and the person who ends up in position 1 will be my winner. Next time I will make sure to only have 1 post for people to leave comments. (I guess I just like to do everything different or more confusing anyways! :)) I seriously tried to upload the results from but couldn't figure out how to. Anyone that knows me knows I am completely honest!! Here is what chose...


Congrats Holly!!! I hope you will enjoy your apron. I know where to find you! :)


  1. No Way! Are serious! I never win anything! This is so awesome! Now I may actually be able to be motivated to cook something yummy for my family! I love it! Wooohooo! Thanks Brandi!

  2. If I didn't know how honest you were I'd blow the horn!!! So, congratulations - Holly :)