Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I have definitely not done enough "crafty" stuff with Peter. The girls went out to play yesterday and Peter wanted to follow. I brought him back and was trying to avoid a fit when I remembered this kit for puppets that I had purchased oh like...OVER A YEAR AGO! Hello, time to use them! And here are the results of a 15 minute crafting session with one adorable 2 year old...This is a pic of his puppets hugging each other. He loved making them hug each other and also making them fly which consisted of him taking both his puppets and throwing them in the air.

I do have to say it took a lot of self control for me to not try and force him to put the eyes and stuff in the "correct" place! I guess I have control issues. But, I love the off kilter look his little cat and dog has!


  1. Thanks Amy! He definetly keeps us on our toes!

  2. Peter is so awesome! I love having him in nursery. Maybe I'll figure out a simple craft I can do with the kiddos. =)