Saturday, October 1, 2011

General Conference

In our church we have a General Conference where the meeting is held in Salt Lake City and it is televised throughout the world. I loooove GC weekend!! :) Some of the things that touched my heart today were:

The scriptures can be my friend and should be!

My large family is what Heavenly Father wants for us no matter what those around me may have to say about it. (I have struggled w/ the rude comments I get from people about my large family and the talk today about families was amazing)

Serve, Serve, Serve!

We are at war with Satan and we need to arm ourselves and be vigilant!

I love our Prophet, he is the sweetest man!

I am grateful to have spent the day with my children and hubby being enlightened and taught by the Lord's servants. I hope that I am able to turn the thoughts I have had today into actions.

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  1. I get comments about my "big" family and I only have 4! I can imagine how bad it is for you. We may not be persecuted like some, but being ridiculed for having more than the normal 1.2 children is still persecution. We can take comfort in knowing that our Heavenly Father is pleased and that is what is important.