Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tyler's Blessing

We finally blessed Tyler!!!! 3rd time is a charm. We have been trying to bless our sweet little boy for over a month now. We were finally able to get the job done. It took us several weeks to get to the point where no one was sick and thank goodness because our little boy isn't so little and could have easily outgrown the outfit I so lovingly made for him! :)
Here is the cookie cake me and the little ones made for Tyler to celebrate with family. The kids had a blast cutting the cookies out. Of course we made a more grown up dessert for the adults.
Sometimes I am stunned that they are all ours. It looks like a lot of kiddos when we get pictures done. I love my little or not so little brood! Tyler was SUPER fussy most the pics of him are w/ him crying or about to cry.Here he is as happy as can be...apparently I overcompensated w/ my smile for him!I am so grateful to have a worthy preisthood holder in our home who was able to give this little guy a beautiful blessing. I love you sweetie!Me and my gorgeous sisters and mom. I truly am one blessed woman! At times it is so apparent the things...people that the Lord has blessed you with. This is one of those times!And after a super crabby, fussy day momma decided to bring Tyler on his nightly 4 1/2 mile walk and if it isn't obvious by the look on his face he loves his walks with mommy and mimi!! This little boy is definetly going to help me get skinny! There are nights I don't want to walk but his fussy time is at night and all we have to do is pop him in the stroller and bring him out in the fresh night air and he is just as happy as a clam!

We love you lots Tyler Colin Lynn!!! So blessed and happy to have him as part of our family!

**Hopefully tomorrow I can get some pics of him in his blessing outfit w/ a smile on his face or at least not crying.


  1. Oh I want to pinch his little cheeks! What a cutie! So happy for you and your awesome family, Brandi!

  2. Gideon STILL loves walks in his stroller, so hopefully you have quite a while with a contented baby too!