Saturday, January 21, 2012

I am a lame blogger!

My computer has something wrong with it....the dreaded blue screen! So, I have been getting to know the MAC my hubby gave me. I am not as comfortable with it as I was with my other computer but, I am figuring things out. So, hopefully I will be able to have some fun posts soon. I am going to continue the YW handouts as soon as I get PSE installed on my MAC and I have some fun tutorials coming up in the next month or so.


  1. we're coming in town this week! Hope to see you! I might see if I can get some things embroidered when I'm there if you're able!

  2. I have used a Mac since I got married. I LOVE them. Hate it when I have to use a PC. I hope you learn to use it quickly and LOVE IT.

  3. Andrea, that is so exciting!!! I knew it was soon because your mom had mentioned it. I would love to do some embroidery for you hopefully my crew will feel better. We have some nasty, nasty bug...high fevers, snotty noses and yucky wet coughs. Lots of fun!! Can't wait to see your kiddos and you of course! ;)