Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Picture Frame Tutorial

Ok so this is kind of a lame tutorial. SUPER easy!!
picture frame (any size you want)
Scrap book paper to put in the frame
Scraps of 1" fabric strips various lengths (I usually use a minimum of 18")
Vinyl that says don't forget
Here goes...cut your scrapbook paper to fit inside your frame. Put in the frame (if you don't have access to vinyl go ahead and run it through your printer and print whatever you would like don't forget, to do list, prayer, whatever you are wanting to use the board for).
Roll your flowers. There are a million tutorials out there just google one, someday I may post one. Hot glue to your frame. If you are putting vinyl on you can do this now. You are done. I told you it was kind of lame...pretty much a no brainer! Oh yeah, you need a dry erase marker to fill up that baby with all the things you might forget! :)

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