Friday, March 30, 2012

When you get thrown a curve ball...

So, I had planned on being a better blogger but, I was thrown a curve ball. Back in January I was woke up in the middle of the night with severe right sided pain. It was bad. I am tough. I have had 7 babies without drugs, when I say it hurt it really hurt. I was awake for several hours before the pain subsided. This happened several nights throughout the next couple weeks. I couldn't take it anymore so I went in to the doctors and they said I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I was thinking really that seems to easy but hey if that will fix me that would be great. I did what the doctor said which was drink Miralax and it seemed to help for a couple weeks. Then I had another attack in the middle of the night. Went to the doctors again where they informed me same thing IBS. At this point I am a little frustrated because I don't want to wake up in pain again but being the good girl that I am I do what the doctor says. So this last Sunday I woke up in a LOT of pain. I started throwing up because I was in so much pain. I considered having Russell bring me to the hospital but instead had him give me a blessing. It got me through it and I the pain subsided after a couple hours. I called my doctor later that day and they put me on an all liquid diet...hello, I am breastfeeding a 7 month old baby who doesn't eat food or take a bottle! So, I did what they asked and Monday afternoon the pain was starting to come back. I decided to go into the doctors office because I was terrified of waking up in pain again. The Physicians Assistant said I needed to get an ultrasound of my gallbladder (funny side note my mom had been saying this all along I even mentioned it to my dr. but no one listened). I had my ultrasound Tuesday and got the results Wednesday, oh and lets not forget I am on an all clear liquids diet. I am seriously starving at this point. They say I have sludge and gallstones. Sludge. Nasty! They scheduled an appointment with the surgeon. I went in to see him yesterday and I am scheduled to get my gallbladder out today at 2:30. I am nervous but happy to know I won't have to wake up with another attack. They told me Wed. that I could eat but, I haven't because I was terrified of having another attack so crackers and clear liquids is all I have had up to this point and some applesauce. It's amazing how filling a little applesauce is after not eating. Hopefully everything will go well today. Everyone I have talked to has told me it has been a great experience for them.
I am done rambling please feel free to send some extra prayers my way for an uneventful surgery and a quick recovery.


  1. Oh my! I'll be thinking about you today and I'm sending lots of prayers for a super fast recovery!!!

  2. I hope all went well. I'll pray for a quick recovery!