Thursday, August 23, 2012

Charity is 13

Time is flying, she was my little girl and now she is already 13!  

Some fun things about Charity.
1.  She has an amazing voice!
2.  She loves to draw.
3.  She loves to write.
4.  She is a great big sister. (most the time;))
5.  She enjoys reading.
6.  She loves buttered popcorn...the microwave kind only!!
7.  She plays the piano.
8.  She can bake a pretty mean loaf of bread.
9.  She is a great friend.
10.  She has a compassionate heart!
11. She has a very jovial laugh!
12.  She is starting to enjoy doing genealogy.
13.  She always takes up two cushions of the couch with all of her stuff that apparently she always has to have with her...her purse, a few books, her phone, and who knows what else!
Charity, you are a beautiful daughter of our Heavenly Father and I am so glad you are a part of our family.  You are helping me to grow as a mother and I can't wait for when you are older and we can be the best of friends!  Love you lots!!

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