Monday, August 3, 2009

Gracie's 5!!

We celebrated Grace's birthday at the lake this year because it coincided with the Lynn family reunion. She had a fabulous day.
She did some tubing!

Received a beautiful princess dress from her Nana and Grandad! Can you tell she loves it??!

Here she is opening gifts from us. Christian bought her Poptarts with his own money; it was very cute. Don't know why that's what he picked out but she seemed to like them I guess he must have known. Charity bought her the beautiful crown she is wearing. The kids love buying gifts for each other. It is so fun to see them get excited to give instead of just receiving.

Here she is with her Costco cake. I know I am totally lame I didn't make her cake I think this might be a first for me but there was no way I could've done that with everything going on. And I must say she seems pretty happy with it and it was delicious!!

This is her at the end of the day out cold! She had a fun 5th birthday!! We love you Grace!

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  1. Cool roller blades! :-) Happy Birthday Grace!