Thursday, March 17, 2011

Derek's going away get together and a birthday party

This past Sunday we celebrated my nephew's birthday and also said goodbye to my little brother as he is getting ready to be deployed to Afghanistan for over 400 days.

Nieces and nephews looking at Brent's new transformer book.

This is usually what it looks like when all the family is together. Kids everywhere!
Faith's family, minus Matthew...he must be outside or running around in the basement?!

Singing Happy Birthday to Brent. The cake was sort of funny because on the top it said "you will be missed" and on the bottom is said "Happy Birthday". It seemed kind of like someone had passed away and we were celebrating their birthday. I wonder what the people at Costco thought.

Sweet little Honor!

Noel and Izzy sharing secrets (actually they are just reading a Blue's Clue's book). These girls are going to keep us busy that is for sure!

My little brother Derek, he really is going to be missed lots!!

Peter loves honor. He is always trying to hug and kiss her.

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  1. You know looking at the pictures and one of the things that pops into my head is man their mom is still so beautiful!