Sunday, May 8, 2011

27.5 weeks

So here are the "best" pics we got today. Russell was being a goof and just started clicking away. When I checked to see if there was an acceptable one there wasn't so I told him to please take a decent one. Unfortunately he wasted the battery on goofing off and this is what I was left with to choose from. Oh well.....
I know cheesy smile but, in my defense I was smiling and talking at the same time trying to get him to stop goofing off!

Also, I am finally in my 3rd Trimester!!!! WOOHOO!!!


  1. Yay for that third trimester - it will go swiftly and you'll have another blessing in your arms! Enjoy every minute along the way.

  2. We are very excited to meet him but, I know they are much easier when they are still in! I am a little selfish when it comes to my sleep! :) Of course, I am always willing to give it up for our sweet little babys!