Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just complaining...

OK so I know the mind is a powerful thing but, 8man my body just will not cooperate. I seriously want to get my house completely organized and beautified before this baby comes which is 3 months away (I have a lot to do) and I get into cleaning and I am totally wiped out after like an hour or two. I am such a baby right now!!! 3 more months. I am grateful to be pregnant and love this little guy; I am just not used to being so limited. This pregnancy by far has been much harder...I am ALWAYS tired. I didn't really experience that with my others and my goodness my back always hurts to. My husband must be biting his tongue or something to not be laughing me because I sound ridiculous I would laugh at myself if it didn't hurt so much; at the end of the day I am gasping every time I move because I get shooting pain down my leg. Thankfully, I always feel better in the morning when I get up. OK enough complaining I am grateful to be mobile and do the things (for the most part) I would like to do I know I just need to moderate a little more! I really am grateful for this pregnancy and baby and a super super supportive husband!!! Love you babe!

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  1. Hang in there. A little complaining is good for the soul on occasion. I hope you're energy comes back soon!