Sunday, July 17, 2011

37.5 weeks

There is no other way to say it except I am HUGE! I feel o.k. when I get dressed and look in the mirror...I mean I know I am big but, when I see a pic of myself all I can think is holy cow!
My oldest decided to pose w/ me. He was being kind of a goof ball! He sure is a handsome boy though!

**I hope ths is the last pic I will have to post but, I am sure it is wishful thinking!


  1. You are so close! I bet you can hardly wait to snuggle your new little baby!

  2. I am completely ready to hold this little guy!!! I got really bad anxiety at the end of my last pregnancy and so I am trying really hard to keep level headed!!! I just keep thinking exactly that how wonderful it will be to snuggle him!