Friday, July 22, 2011

Anyone know how I can change my blog??

I am wanting to change the format of my blog so that there is a search tool and also I wanted to put stuff under categories up at the top. I am at a total loss of how to do this. If you know how to do it would you please help me out. Thanks!!!


  1. Go to your dashboard and click on design. This will bring you to the layout of your blog. You can add gadgets or move them around. Just click and hold a gadget from the sidebar and move it to where you want it. If you want to create a new gadget just click on add a gadget in the area where you want it to be (you might have to move it around to get it exactly where you want it when you are done). For the search, go to this page or search on google for how to do it.

  2. Thanks Laura, I will try that! Just trying to make my blog a little more user friendly!