Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Knit fabric flower

Knit Fabric Flower Tutorial


12 knit circles about 2" (you will want to put them in 4 groups of 3)

1 felt circle about 1 1/2"

needle and thread (I used quilting thread because it is stronger)

Start by bringing your thread up the middle of the felt circle.Now you will grab one of the groups of circles and bring the needle through the center of them.Bring the needle back down through the circle of fabric and then bring it up and down again to make a small x in the middle of the knit circles. Now fold over the first group you have sewn on so that they won't be in the way while you sew the next group of circles on. Bring the needle up through the middle of the felt or close to it and the next group of knit circles. Do the same thing you do for the first group making a small x in the center.Now you want to fold the 2nd group over also and bring the needle up through the center of the felt again.Repeat making an x on this group of knit circles. You should now have 3 groups of circles on your felt circle.Move the 3rd group of knit circles out of the way so that you can sew on the last group of circles.Repeat what you did for the last 3 circles by going up the center of the felt and trying not to catch the other groups of knit circles while sewing this one on. Here is what it should look like after the 4th group of circles is sewn on. You might have to "fluff" it a little. The back of the flower will look like this. Tie of the thread by knotting it in the felt.Here is the finished flower!! These are super easy! You can also do 3 groups instead of 4 for a different look.

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