Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Leggings Pants to Capris w/ ruffles tutorial

Leggings Pants turned to Capris w/ Ruffles
***Edited: pic added of Noel in her new short leggings...I thought they would be capris but, I cut a little too much off and they ended up shorts!

Don't know why she is holding a tape measure around her waist...sometimes kids are just weird. Of course she couldn't just smile at the camera she had to be a little poser!


One pair of pant leggings

Sewing machine, thread, scissors, etc...

Cut the leggings off where you would like them to be. I cut them a little below the knee. I used the extra fabric on the bottom to make to strips of fabric that are 1" by 6".
I serged the bottom of the leggings but, you don't have to knit won't unravel.
I then turned them inside out and folded them up 1/2" and sewed all the way around each leg.

Here is what they look like after you have sewn each leg up. They should look like a pair of capris or shorts now depending on where you cut them.Take the strips of fabric and using your longest stitch length sew down the middle of each strip and then pull the thread to gather each strip.Here are the strips all gathered.Pin the gathered fabric down on the outside seam of the capri.

Sew ruffle in place. I just follow the seam on the side of the pants. After the ruffle is sewn down I pull out the gathering stitch.

One ruffle on!

TaDa!!! All finished and they look adorable on.

As usual if you have any questions just ask!!! :)

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  1. Those look so cute. I am so jealous of your skillz!